Pay a visit to P’apiu to experience Wellness


Modern life brings about multiple changes, and the awareness of our lifestyle as well as the demand for health care seems to have changed a lot. ‘Wellness’ might be deemed to be a new lifestyle for the new era.

According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), Wellness is a combination of physical and mental health. The trend of living ‘Wellness’ is a lifestyle that gives prominence to activities, and an active, relaxed, and close-to-nature lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle allows people to recharge energy and look after their health comprehensively.

In order to bring recovery and great relaxation both physically and mentally to customers, P’apiu offers a wealth of distinctly different ‘Wellness’ living experiences. 


A high-class resort in harmony with nature


Concealing in between the green expanse of Ha Giang’s mountains and forests, P’apiu is a unique resort, unlike any other resort you have ever visited. Superbly situated on the top of the mountain, with an area of ​​up to 30 hectares, P’apiu offers a separate resort area with only 3 uniquely designed villas.



From design to high-class services and experiences, all things offered aim for maximum connection with nature.

Have you ever stayed in a house made entirely of soil to have a sense of peace and a strong connection with the motherland? Have you ever been in a glasshouse full of natural light and open space to be close to nature where you can be immersed in the area of mountains and forests? Or have you been in the first underground villa in Vietnam called Layla Qays where you have everything underground…


The Fluffy – Glass house filled with natural light


The coziness space of the living room at The Mellow


It is a place where we may escape society and return to the quiet, peaceful, and natural environment found in the mountains and forests. When we stroll along here, it feels as though we may be “quarantined” from the daily commotion.


Looking after physical and mental health


We seem to only have enough time in modern life to take care of our physical health, and we neglect the fact that inner joy and happiness are the most crucial elements in maintaining a healthy balance in our lives. Mental wellness is the medication that gives us a constant sense of stability and helps us handle everything better in every situation.


Be at peace with your own quiet moments


All the senses seem to be softly awakened at P’apiu most delicately and naturally.

Warm and pleasant essential oil aromas would greet you as you entered each villa. Anywhere in the vicinity, you may hear wind chimes, a clear sound that evokes a sensation of flutter and a sense of calm as the “voice” of nature speaks to the soul.

One of P’apiu’s visitors’ most treasured experiences is spending hours gazing at the clouds and mountains. The peaceful moment when you might let your soul wander among the eternally green mountains appears to have passed a long time ago. When you gently close your eyes, feel the soft sunlight on your skin, hear the clear sound of birds, and feel a light breeze in your hair, it feels as though the world is only between you and the vastness of nature.


Forest bathingRelax on Yolo Mount


You could also spend some time relaxing in the gorgeous and completely private area’s jacuzzi while breathing in the aroma of the mountains. Both the body and the soul are softly comforted by the warm water in the winter or the cool water in the summer, which eases the stress and pressure from daily life.


Activities to conquer, discover, and connect with people in the community


There are always fascinating things to discover at a brand-new resort with distinctive features. The longest hand-painted brocade street in Vietnam, each villa’s distinctive design, or the local ethnic minorities’ way of life are all intriguing places to begin a tour.


A journey to find the unique values in each house P’apiu


When conversing with the locals, trying out traditional foods, enjoying folk activities such as throwing a sacred ball through the ring (nem con) or playing sepak takraw (cau may), or donning traditional costume, you may fully immerse yourself in the culture of the ethnic uplanders. When we experience the warmth and rusticity that the locals’ eyes and grins offer, it is an emotional journey. During this unique journey, we seem to discover healing moments.

Nature always pays attention to us, stretches out its arms to shelter and comfort us, and uses its power to heal everything. When we are surrounded by enormous mountains and forests, tension, anxiety, and other unpleasant feelings seem to vanish.


Come and create your own wellness way of living atop P’apiu. P’apiu and unique experiences are waiting for you!