It would be hard to answer when Covid ends. But we know, you two just can’t wait to share a home. It’s time for you to have a just-the-two-of-us Elopement. Read the article for more information about Elopement Wedding, and let’s see if P’apiu could fulfill your expectations.

Elope wedding

The happiness of saying your own unique vow “I do” (Source: Pinterest)

No longer strange to the world

Elopement Weddings are popular in America and other Western countries. Here, couples love freedom but also prefer something simple. They want to hold a ceremony for two people only, or maybe invite a few special friends and relatives. A private wedding is sacred in its own right. The ceremony, the setting, the amazing internal activities will be your mark, and they reflect your personality, your love journey in the way you want.

The venue does not have to be too picky, but it must be extremely romantic and private. It can be simply in a national park or a cozy house. The ceremony venue can be in the middle of majestic mountains or by the beach, or even on ice. It can be anywhere, depending only on you. Elopement Wedding can be combined with Pre-wedding to capture the first feelings when seeing the one you love in a gorgeous white wedding dress, or a honeymoon to create moments of romance in a very personal way.

Elope wedding

Beyond the ordinary wedding, enjoying the happiest day the way you want (Source: Andie Avery Photograph – Pinterest)

In Vietnam, the Covid-19 epidemic from mid-2020 until now has caused many brides and grooms to not be able to carry out their weddings as they wish. They even had to delay their big day many times. However, this could also be an opportunity for those who want an intimate, private ceremony for themselves, to organize an Elopement Wedding in their own way, bearing the imprint of the bride and groom….

Along with that, just a couple hand in hand in their own wedding, sharing beautiful memories in a strange, little-known place is also very reasonable in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic. In an isolated place from the outside, with not many people in attendance, the bride and groom can devote themselves to organizing their memorable wedding.

Elope wedding

Elopement Wedding can be held in the middle of nature, mountains, near the sky, floating in the clouds (Source: Festival Brides – Pinterest)

Elopement Wedding – more than just an ordinary ceremony

Elope wedding

There are memories and the weirdest jokes of just us (Source: Corrie Mahr photography – Pinterest)

You are free to choose which elements make up a happy wedding ceremony for yourself, instead of following a tight, packed schedule. You can enjoy the time looking at the best dress of your life without fear of being rushed. Or even just the red dress you love, hanging neatly on a tree branch in the middle of the forest…

It’s the moment you say your vow in a space separated from the outside, full of spirituality, just listening to your beloved’s heartbeats.

Elope wedding

Elopement Weddings can save much more than other weddings. (Source: Pinterest)

You can enjoy your first meal as husband and wife, or have your first dance together amid the soaring sound of the waltz. And a bit of mischievous “spice” with private activities that only the two of us know. Be yourself when being with your love, because there are no judging eyes from anyone.

Creating wonderful moments together in P’apiu

Elope wedding

Unique decoration, bearing the imprint of the bride and groom (Source: Pinterest)

Carrying the message “Just love”, P’apiu resort is the only couples resort in Vietnam. Every beautiful little detail to the design of the 3 villas brings endless inspiration for love. Hidden away on the top of Ha Giang 30-hectare mountain, P’apiu is the ideal, worry-free wedding venue for two people.

Elopement wedding

Elope wedding

Yolo Mount is close to the clouds, sky, mountains, suitable for Elope Weddin’s wedding venues (Source: P’apiu)

In the 1000-meter-square private world for just two people, there is only one butler prepared to help you on your journey to celebrate love. You both served as real “owners” comfortably like your own intimate, cozy home.

Hope you two find elopement in P’apiu promising and worth your expectations. And now, are you ready for an Elopement Wedding?