P’apiu – New resort style in the midst of COVID

COVID has changed a lot in our lives, including the travel style of Vietnamese tourists. Instead of choosing crowded beaches, more and more travelers have decided to get to some new getaways to stay in isolated, safe areas to blend into nature and experience many local amenities themselves.

safe place in ha giang

There’s a great escape called P’apiu

Standing apart from the world

Recently, the phrase “no crowded gathering”, “limited contact” has become familiar as a reminder to protect yourselves from the COVID-19.

Located on the top mountain of Bac Me in Ha Giang province, breathtakingly beautiful yet peaceful, P’apiu is a new choice for relaxing for all seasons. The road to here is not easy to conquer, but once you arrive, this amazing destination will give you more than what you expected. It is the vast green covering mountains and forests, the terraced fields renewing themselves every season, the poetic rocky highlands.

safe place in ha giang

P’apiu is isolated on the top of a mountain of 30 hectares wide

On the top of the mountain with a width of 30 hectares, there are only three 1000m2 villas, in three different locations: The Fluffy at the highest point, The Mellow on the side of the mountain and Layla Qays in the underground. Each villa is an ultimate world for two people, ensuring privacy without contacting the outside.

In P’apiu, you will have your own butler to be your companion throughout your stay. They take care of the little things and serve as you are real “owners” that you do not need to step out of your world. It is safe and sound, like at your home…

safe place in ha giang

Each couple has their own housekeeper

Safety in food preparation

Little did you know, the local chefs in P’apiu are all qualified in standard knowledge and skills in service and nutrition. Our cook always ensures strict hygiene requirements in every stage of preparation.

P’apiu also serves you the most organic, homemade ingredients from our own farm to keep the freshness and good nutrients for tasteful dishes afterwards.

P’apiu is the “dose” for your optimism in the midst of a pandemic

Because we P’apiu understand that, only when you feel secured and safe could the experience be really a boosting up vitamin, adding in your optimism in this time.

safe place in ha giang

Quang Vinh bathing in Jacuzzi, watching the valley

In P’apiu, there are so many melting, elegant and unique experiences for couples. Three private villas are an interesting walk among spaces: The Mellow house with stylized doorway, Jacuzzi with the most beautiful valley view of P’apiu; The charming, surprising Layla Qays underground house; The open airy space of Fluffy villa, floating between the mountains and clouds.

Blending in every inch of nature, unique experiences in the forest, there is “a mini wonderful Ha Giang” right here in P’apiu with various activities: zipline skating, throwing cotton ball game, planting organic vegetables… . You can also find peace and privacy with a cup of afternoon tea, watching the sunset at the top of Yolo Mount, or have a relaxing massage with your loved one.

safe place in ha giang

Le Ha Truc, all peaceful on the top of Yolo

Obviously, in a place for love like P’apiu, how could there be no romantic experiences? Still the usual privacy we offer, still the world “just the two of us”, but your date will be much more memorable on the Yolo Mount, or even in an underground wine basement. Candlelight and wine will “lead the way”, making from-the-bottom words easier and more empathetic. Those secret “couple” moments are not easy to find in other places.

Above all, as anyone who comes to P’apiu can say, P’apiu is not simply just a resort, but a fascinating journey. Are you ready to ignore the worries caused by COVID-19 and find a great escape to P’apiu?