P’apiu Resort pioneered in developing sustainable tourism in Ha Giang

P’apiu is the first luxury resort for couples and a pioneer in promoting sustainable tourism in Ha Giang. Over the years, it has proactively contributed to local tourism, economy and environment. 

A look at sustainable tourism from P’apiu’s perspective

After ten years, sustainable tourism has been a familiar concept among  Vietnamese tourist agents, resorts, hotels, and more. In particular, the coronavirus pandemic has hit us hard to rethink seriously about such issues as the environment, life, and the future. Sustainable tourism moving towards ecological balance and culture preservation is more suitable. 


nghỉ dưỡng papiu

P’apiu is surrounded by original forests on Bac Me mountain (Source: P’apiu)


Back in the day when P’apiu was first introduced, sustainable tourism in Vietnam had many potentials, but the actual results were humble. Unfortunately, most tourist agents defined sustainable tourism as a type of “experiential” tour. Tourists will visit the original forests, clean up the beach or reduce plastic, etc. 


du lịch bền vững

P’apiu avoids cutting down trees (Source: P’apiu)


From P’apiu’s point of view, operating tourism towards sustainable values ​​will not be easy to achieve just by promoting “experiential” tours or limiting the use of plastic. Sustainable tourism requires long-term efforts, cooperation between many parties, and a comprehensive plan. The ultimate goal is to maximize positive impacts while reducing the negative ones on culture, economy, and society of the present and the future.

The first steps to pursue sustainable tourism 

In the early days, P’apiu spent years finding out our path and planning everything carefully. It was not a rash decision when it comes to sustainable tourism. 

P’apiu is located on the top of Bac Biu, the mountain range lying along the romantic Gam river in Bac Me district. It is the ideal place to develop retreat services regardless of the hard-to-access location. The breathtaking beauty of original forests, fresh air, quietness and snub-nosed Langur conservation center are what tourists can find here. Moreover, P’apiu is also less than 18km from Ha Giang city. Thus, it is convenient for transportation. 


nghỉ dưỡng cặp đôi

Nature-opened space at P’apiu Resort (Source: P’apiu)


P’apiu took efforts to protect the local ecosystem instead of replacing the whole area with buildings.  Villas are placed in the proper positions to avoid cutting down trees. From The Mellow, The Fluffy, or Layla Qays, nature is around. That is what surprises any guests visiting P’apiu. 

Sustainable tourism-oriented policies of P’apiu Resort 

Towards the most natural and original values are our top priorities. The villas are designed to take full advantage of solar energy to reduce electricity consumption. Besides, P’apiu says “no” with plastic when all items used in the resort are from ceramic, glass, biodegradable, or recyclable materials. It is not to mention that P’apiu chose an environmentally friendly Jacuzzi that does not affect groundwater during both the construction and operation process, thereby limiting the shortage of clean water in Ha Giang.


resort hà giang

P’apiu says “no” to plastic, encourages using recyclable materials  (Source: P’apiu)


In terms of culture, P’apiu understands the importance of traditional cultural preservation in tourism. From The Mellow or the interior arrangements inspired by highland visual art to the local culinary and festive experiences, all show the efforts of P’apiu in sustaining and developing Ha Giang culture.


resort hà giang

The Mellow get inspiration from the Mong’s traditional house (Source: P’apiu)


What makes P’apiu most proud is that our efforts have brought positive socio-economic changes to the local community. At the moment, 80% of our staff are locals. A few years ago, they were mainly engaged in agriculture, with no side jobs and standard living conditions. Over the past two years, P’apiu has organized training classes to equip them with basic knowledge to practice sustainable tourism. It has been a long journey that requires great patience and tolerance. But above all, P’apiu has tried our best to help our staff and their families have a better life.


du lịch papiu

P’apiu creates job opportunities and equips the locals with tourism knowledge (Source: P’apiu) 


Recently, we have been working so hard to complete some final steps to achieve the Travelife Accommodation Sustainability certificate. With support from foreign experts, P’apiu will adjust our policies to develop sustainable tourism comprehensively and effectively. 

It is undeniable that pursuing the sustainable path is more and more challenging. Fortunately, on that journey, P’apiu always has the support of employees and guests to the resort. Sustainable tourism for the benefit of all, and at the same time needs effort from everyone. That is what P’apiu has been focusing on over the years and into the future.