The uniqueness of architecture – the path not everyone dares to pursue

Each architecture has a different design. If you visit P’apiu resort, the impression you have not only comes from the beauty of the mountains and nature but also from the uniqueness of the entire resort’s architecture that hardly appears anywhere else. 


The architecture tells the story of love and passion for art

It took the owner of P’apiu up to seven years to turn the design on the paper into a real-life resort. Every room, every corner, and detail is invested carefully and dedicatedly in every phase from ideation, sketching, and construction to meet the highest aesthetic standards.


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P’apiu resort provides only three villas, including The Mellow, The Fluffy, and Laylay Quays. Each villa has its own unique building design, but they all unified message about the P’apiu imprint. “Architecture is not just an art form. Above all, it reflects all the hard works and dedication of art enthusiasts,” said the owner of P’apiu.  

Therefore, every visitor paying a visit to P’apiu can be in tune with the stories conveyed through its unique beauty of designs. 

Discover the artistic novelty in a resort

Each villa brings its own identity. 

P’apiu respects and preserves the cultural values ​​in The Mellow – a villa built from the soil in Ha Giang plateaus, absorbing the quintessence of the Northeast highlands and recreating the traditional home space of the Hmong people.


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It took one year to build and finish this mud wall 


The elaborateness in design reflects through the 60cm-thick hand-made wall. The housebuilder must be a Hmong man, knowledgeable about construction and strictly adhere to the traditional manual method. They persistently follow all the stages with efforts in one year to splint and pound the soil and complete the wall that meets the quality and remain the cultural identity.


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The specially designed doors between rooms at The Mellow 


In that traditional space, P’apiu subtly arranges some creative details. All doorways between rooms are specially designed, require you to crouch a little, turning over the sill to get into the other rooms. The bathroom and sauna are placed underground, with a tunnel extending to the bedroom doorway. Moving from one corner to another brings excitement that makes anyone who comes to The Mellow for the first time can’t help being surprised and impressed.


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Tunnel to the bathroom at The Mellow


The beauty of The Mellow lies in both interior design and the background outside. The entrance to The Mellow is small so that only one person can go through while grabbing the hands of the person behind you and feeling the warmth of love. A scene of the village’s life and the brocade dress of Hmong girls seem vividly on the mud wall.


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A corner reflects the life of the Mong people


Different from a traditional The Mellow, The Fluffy brings the beauty of freedom, nature friendliness, and modernity. The wooden house floating in the mountains is open to nature but still keeps enough privacy with curtain blocks covering four sides of the king-size bed.  As soon as you wake up in the morning, you can immediately feel the sunlight and the fresh smell of flowers and grass.


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The modern beauty of the floating house – The Fluffy


Sitting on the swing placed between the aisle in the room, reading a favorite book, or enjoying the beauty of the valley or 3D art painting of apricot flowers is another experience you would not want to miss. The Fluffy is an ideal place for souls who love seeking new things in life.


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A colorful wall in the living room of The Fluffy


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A swing is placed right in the center of The Fluffy


The last and most special destination is Layla Quays, where all the activity takes place underground. For the first time, you can witness a masterpiece of art with a combination of many unique designs.


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More than 600 drawers keeping love memories 


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The underground Wine Cellar at Layla Quays


Layla Quays is a separate world where you can find a cinema, living room, bedroom, steam room underground. Your perfect dinner date will take place in the private space with soft purple light and the aroma of wine at the Wine Cellar. All you need to do is to immerse yourself in the romantic vibe and the precious moments with your lover.


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A corner of the underground bedroom


One of the unique experiences at P’apiu is visiting 600 drawers with a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes designed as secret places keeping all the couples’ love items. Each wooden drawer is firmly built, placed along the corridor of Layla Qays villa. The aisle becomes narrower combined with dim light to create a mysterious and attractive beauty. 

The unique design is not the only thing that attracts couples to P’apiu but the value and meaning of love they can discover during this journey. 

The new experience in every visit to P’apiu

From the top of Yolo Mount – the highest place in P’apiu, you will see the change of nature and the scenery of the mountains and forests. When you’re back to Yolo Mount at a different time, you’ll have different emotions. 

Each villa: The Mellow, The Fluffy, or Layla Quays is like a beautiful “Pandora box” containing hidden values, stimulating your curiosity and desire to discover.

One thing for sure is that people at P’apiu are keeping their works on taking care of, repairing, and preserving the beauty and uniqueness of P’apiu’s architecture. 

Moreover, we are also making efforts to design more new villas where visitors can find new experiences and understand the identity of P’apiu.


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The peaceful vibe you can find at The Fluffy


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The coziness space of the living room at The Mellow


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Layla Quays from another view


3. Promoting artistic and cultural values ​​in P’apiu’s style

Every architecture has a past with its own stories amidst the bunch of massive and temporary trends. 

Instead of following the crowd, P’apiu was committed to doing things differently. P’apiu always respects nature and the culture of the ethnic minorities. The Mellow, The Fluffy, or Layla Qays are the crystallization of inspirations from the natural beauty of Ha Giang. From a traditional house of the Mong people, P’apiu turns it into a masterpiece named The Mellow resort villa which reflects the beauty of highland culture and the value of architecture. 

And P’apiu also turns the “impossible” into a separate identity called Layla Qays, only in Pa’piu, making anyone who comes here admire this unique and artistic architecture.


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P’apiu resort preserves and promotes the values of national architecture


Creativity and innovation are indispensable requirements, both in life and in the artwork. But innovation does not mean eliminating the old, but raising and developing existing values. That is the path that P’apiu pursues. With each architectural work, P’apiu preserves the balance of tradition and modernity, creativity and pristine beauty. And only when we do that, we have “sustainable architecture, sustainable art”.