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Just love

Are you in search of something wonderful and unexpected for your loved ones? Have you ever wondered that, perhaps, life is simply moving too quickly for comfort?


Come to Mount P’apiu to reminisce, to unravel the deepest parts of your soul, to experience a journey unlike any before, and to naturally lose yourself in the moment. P’apiu resort will provide new meanings and redefine your resort experiences in Vietnam!


For couples


The Mellow

The tradional residence of Ha Giang’s Mong people. It is entirely constructed from soil, and its walls hand-pounded over several months and held together without the use of any binder.

At The Mellow, you can take in the sight of the distant Dao village along the slope of the mountain and the Tay village at the foot, complemented by Phia Dau Fall, Ha Giang’s longest and most beautiful waterfall.

In The Mellow, soil is honored at every corner of the special dwelling, whose architecture will surely keep your stay fresh and interesting.


Layla Qays

Captivating, surprising, charming, cozy, and passionate are the traits reserved for Layla Qays!

With a namesake derived from the Arabic love story, Layla Qays offers an unique resort experience that is entirely underground, and radiates a sublime aura that is sure to kindle your inspiration and creativity.


The Fluffy

A wooden house atop Mount P’apiu with an abudance of open spaces directly connected to nature, The Fluffy allows you to experience the authentic sounds and scents of Ha Giang’s highlands. Amidst a dreamy canvas of majestic mountains and translucent clouds is the Mong village, where smoke puffs/draws nonchalantly from the numerous ‘trinh tuong’ houses…
The Fluffy is beautiful at every time of the day and in every season of the year.



+ Marriage

If you have grown weary of modern wedding concepts, a ceremony in the style of Ha Giang’s Red Dao people will be an unforgettable experience for couples who love traditional culture.


The proposal is a special act conveying the love of a couple for each other, marking the perfect moment of romance and the shared desire to nurture a home together


After the wedding, the honeymoon is the most meaningful period for newlyweds to fully dedicate their time to one another


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