Visiting P’apiu Resort to discover the most beautiful brocade path in Vietnam

The first impression is always the most important and lasting. And definitely, the first impression P’apiu makes on everyone is the beautiful brocade path as a sweet greeting. More than a work of art honoring traditional highland values, the brocade road creates a very different P’apiu with its unique imprint.


Trải nghiệm tại P'apiu

The brocade path leads to the top of P’apiu mountain


The story of the brocade road at P’apiu

If you have once visited or enjoyed the scenery of P’apiu from above, it will be undeniable that the surrounding natural landscape is so captivatingly beautiful. The green color of plentiful vegetation stretching from the foot of the mountain to the top blends with the gray stone color of the highland.

The road of P’apiu is steep, with many bends simulating the legendary Ha Giang roads, challenging but full of excitement. The P’apiu people have added rustic drawings, simple thoughts that turn the adventurous road into the most special and interesting one. So that every time you have the opportunity to experience that road, you can be ready for an exciting upcoming vacation.


Every step on the brocade path brings a feeling of refreshment and peace


Why the brocade road? Why is the brocade road done with so much effort? It is not like the famous Lombard road in San Francisco or the ancient Appian Way with a rich history in Italy. The brocade road of P’apiu is the symbolic road for love and Ha Giang culture. It represents the typical beauty of the highlands and the spirit of always discovering and developing new things that P’apiu pursues.


Typical motifs in the traditional culture of ethnic minority groups


The beauty of the brocade road is in its unique design and cultural value shown through each motif. The road is the achievement of 3,600 labors of indigenous young people from the villages of the Tay and Dao people for many months. Although they are not professional artists, they have created vivid drawings that express the beauty of their beliefs, dreams, and the identity of their homeland.

Therefore, the preservation of the brocade road is as meticulous as the protection of the traditional values. Every day, the P’apiu staff keep the road cleaner and more beautiful each time you come.


A new experience at the brocade road

As many times as a guest has visited P’apiu and the brocade road, he has always been full of enjoyment and emotions.

Walking to enjoy nature just woke up

The brocade road is always beautiful at any time of the day. But the best is to walk on the road early in the morning when the mist still covers the dim space.

Bare feet step slowly to feel the refreshing coolness spread throughout the body. The soul soars to the melodious music emanating from the speakers mounted along the two sides of the road. A fascinating experience is that each footstep leads you to discover unique drawings with all shapes and colors combined naturally but intentionally.

Then you wake up as if you just stepped out of a dream. When the sun rises and brings the sunlight, the whole road of colors appears brilliantly and picturesquely.


Walking to enjoy nature just woke up


Admiring the beauty of the Confederate Rose flower

Nowhere is the Confederate Rose flower as beautiful and splendid as they are in P’apiu. Every autumn, bushes of flowers bloom on both sides of the brocade road leading to the top of P’apiu mountain. In the morning, the flowers are white and turn into a soft pink color at noon. At sunset, the flowers turn darker.


Flowers bloom on both sides of the brocade road


The vibrant colors of flowers and the textures on the brocade road make the space even more attractive and poetic. What could be better than walking on the path of love while enjoying the flowers for love bloom?

Capturing special moments

While walking on a romantic road, the man suddenly bent down and put a long-prepared ring on his beloved little finger. The proposal supposed to happen in the movies could be seen in real life naturally. The love and romance of space have brought everything to happen so gently.


There is a romantic place for important events for two people

And just like that, so many couples have marked memorable moments in their love journey in P’apiu. The graceful path embraces the two to witness the promise of eternal love. “The way to your heart I found in P’apiu…”


There is a romantic place for important events for two people


The brocade road is still there and enchantingly beautiful on the top of P’apiu to await you to visit.